An update and a wow.

    Middleton Bike Park Trail Steward
    Trail Steward

    July 15, 2016, 09:04 AM

    The new work at Pleasant View will be done in about a week if weather holds, and no more amounts of so much rock a jack hammer is needed. Please note the other post on help wanted. At some point soon Landowski TrailWorx will ask for help closing off old trail sections, and getting signs in.

    Last night Chad and Adam let the brewery ride group do a new trail section out and back. Wow was repeated often. Chad said please stay off of any sections that closed even if they look very good or done. He needs to do another sweep and scrape with machine, rake and run the plate compactor. Chad and Adam are doing their best do deliver "as good as it gets". That's no doubt the case if you're ridden what's done.

    Last night a few of us tried to estimate how much of a ride you have there now. A basic ride of PV+BH looping some fun stuff is around 8 miles. If you ride all of Pleasant View, all of Blackhawk and loop the fun parts you will have around a 14 mi ride. Last night my phone app measured 15.4 mi riding from town so that was around 12 mi off road.

    This is quite a revolution in a few seasons. MTBs hanging at the brewery, MadFORCs ride at the Pleasant View club house, and the Blackhawk parking lot was full. One new attendee had no idea he could have a real ride close to where he works. Someone at the brewery told me "The problem with mountain biking is I live in Blackhawk and you have to drive to La Grange or Cambridge to ride.". Not.

    Finally, a big thanks to John O who was trimming, and Jeremiah L who we saw heading down the trail with a chain saw.