UPDATE - hillside loop will return in 2017

    CX Rob
    Trail Steward - Northeast Park

    July 30, 2016, 12:55 PM

    UPDATE: Good News!

    After a new survey, the neighboring developer agreed that he is at fault. Our trails are 100% on park property. His excavation company accidentally encroached onto park property by as much as 15 feet.

    Unfortunately, the topsoil and reseeding process still means that the affected trail loop is off-line until at least summer 2017.

    Madison Parks is working out the details but we should have the loop back eventually.


    Original Post:

    Northeast Park Trail is open and rideable. However, the Sumac hillside loop is closed due to development activity on adjacent land (see attached PFD). A survey by the neighboring developer suggests that the loop is on private land, so they scraped off the topsoil.

    Discussions and clarification with Madison Parks is on-going. Madison Parks has been very helpful and responsive. They suggest that we move the loop if it is indeed on private land. We agree. There are other areas of the park we could enjoy (far away from the property lines).

    It's not yet clear who messed up. It could have been me, the trail designer. I used free online GIS information  from Dane County to create our original trail map, instead of paying gobs of money for an official land survey. Lesson learned.

    Updates after we hear back from the developer and Madison Parks.


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