Fall trail cleanup

    Walt Hougas
    Trail Steward - Blue Mound SP
    To Be A Man...

    October 31, 2017, 09:29 PM

    The short mound loop and Holy Schist are cleared of leaves as of 13Oct2017.

    Thanks to Luke and Chris for their help! Every hour that some kind soul donates to trail maintenance is another hour I can devote to more difficult problems.

    I need to get out and cut deadfall, there are trees down on Home Stretch and Over Lode.

    There is some new and improved rock armor on crossings in Gneiss and Smooth. (We figured out where the name came from. That trail would be nice if it was smooth.)

    As you may have heard, Karl Heil and Ken Wade won their lawsuit against the DNR and the Master Plan Amendment that would allow snowmobiles into Blue Mound. So that's "No" to snowmobiles, at least for now. The DNR has not released any information regarding their response. We don't know if they plan to appeal or rework the Amendment to comply with the judge's findings. Or some other action. We want guidance so we can start planning for the 2018 season. So far, it's just crickets. Maybe more budget cuts will get them working faster? Or not?



    December 01, 2022, 04:57 PM

    Couple trees down.

    One on Overload between the Loop and Ryan Road.

    One on Schist between the last revine and the long flat section that crosses the ski trail before the final climb/decent.



    December 03, 2022, 03:04 PM

    Big tree down near the top of the crux climb, too.

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