Covid and Parking

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    April 22, 2020, 09:50 PM

    The golf course is going to open up this weekend, so parking will be complicated.  When the golf course is open, the parking lot will be open.  But they will be closing the gate when they close up for the day, sometime between 4:00 and 9:00 pm.  If you are parked in the golf lot after that, you'll be locked in.  So what are your options?

    • Best solution is to leave your car at home and ride to the trailhead.  It's a good warmup, and zero parking worries.
    • You can park somewhere else.  There is plenty of free parking in downtown Middleton, which is a short bike ride away.  Do not park in the service lot for the cellular station at where the bike path crosses Pleasant View; that is private property and is there for vehicles servicing the equipment.  More broadly, don't park on any private property or anywhere else you'll be causing an issue for others.
    • Blackhawk is an option, but it can get crowded there at busy times.
    • If you do park in the golf lot, make sure you are not there after the last golfers leave, which can be hard to predict, but the number of cars in the parking lot should give you some idea.

    Some guidelines if you do decide to park at the golf course, from the golf course management:
    • Social distancing will be required at all times.
    • All guests, regardless if they are bikers or golfers, must leave immediately following their activity as there will be no gatherings or tailgating allowed in the parking lot or on PVGC property.
    • Water, Gatorade, etc is acceptable to bring; however, it is against WI state law to bring any alcoholic beverages on premises.
    • The gate will open at varied times depending on weather and demand, but you can expect to have the gate open by 8am,
    • The gate will close at varied times, which could vary between 4pm and 9pm depending on demand, weather, etc.

    Golf course management has gotten calls from concerned citizens criticizing their decision to open, and are going to be very sensitive to behavior in the parking lot.  Aside from the public health considerations, they don't want to give anyone more reason to complain and risk having to shut down again, and those complainers won't have any more sympathy for bike riders than golfers.  So please avoid parking there if you can, be on your best behavior if you must, and help keep the facilities open and everyone's stress level low.