Volunteer list for Burdocks Trails

    September 23, 2020, 08:50 PM

    There has been quite a discussion going on about the Burdocks Hobo Trails on the East Side.


    Part of that discussion has been a few workers, myself included, who have requested times for others to show up and help out or when we end up doing some work ourselves.
    I figure we have one of three choices where a couple of them might overlap.
    1) Just let things be as they are and don't want any trimming because picking burrs out of my socks is one of my favorite hobbies.
    2) Continue with just showing up and working on it on our own whenever, wherever.
    3) Be more formal and organized with getting the work done.

    If you agree with number 3 then I would like to create a volunteer email list for Burdox.
    Just send me your email address through the system of this site and I can put together something to send out to all interested with dates and times for working that may be figured out from discussions.

    I am also going to ask that this thread be limited to only discussions of volunteer talk of Burdox.
    I will post upcoming work days here as well.
    If you have other things to share about the trail then please do so at the link above.
    Thank you.