MBP Trailhead Update

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    October 29, 2023, 05:14 PM

    We're in the process of moving the trailhead from the temporary one at the east end of the parking lot to it's permanent location at the west end of the parking lot by the pump track. The trails are now open (eliminating a bit more two-way trail!), though we haven't moved the kiosk. It will be a bit of a slow process as we wait for the pump track to officially open and can put a permanent kiosk in, but the trails are good to go. They are a little rough and could use some wheels; there is a bit more to come, and we'll tune them up as they get ridden in. A few details:

    • We've changed the name of the trail east of the new trailhead; formerly a part of Fairway, it will be now known as Clubhouse, and will be marked intermediate; there are a couple sections that beginners find fairly intimidating, and it is a good solid climb to get there from the parking lot.
    • The new eastbound trail will eventually continue along the ridge to the east edge of the property
    • The existing trail will get tuned up in 2024; now that it is a one-way downhill, we should be able to make it a bit more fun.
    • Temporary signage is up.  New signage and new maps are in the works.

    Thanks to all the volunteers who helped build the new sections, and look for additional workdays!