2012 bike park projects.

    Middleton Bike Park Trail Steward
    Trail Steward

    March 03, 2012, 12:48 PM


    I met with city officials Friday and we had another trail and TTF crew meetup today. We hiked the public lands we use and new areas at Pleasant View available to us. The city meeting included checking out the milled hardwood available for us to share with other user groups.

    A big part of this year's efforts will be fixing things for the long run such as fixing drainage, rider flow tree trimming and improving the riding for beginners and intermediates. More brush clearing and tree trimming will happen ASAP and influence what work we do this season.

    New areas to work with are west of the dirt jumps and by old ski trail as well as the top of park by parking lot.

    As the city helps us fix drainage problems, safety and traffic we need to return the favor with dirt features for beginners and work on center of the pump track among other things.

    The photos here are of the hardwood being harvested within the city. Most is ash.

    Thank you.


    Milled ash drying.

    Potential for new TTF spot and single track entrance.