New to CORP, Not New to MTB

    July 05, 2016, 08:26 PM

    Me: "Hey everyone, I'm Trihonda"

    The group: "Hey Trihonda"

    Me: "I must confess, It's only been 12 hours since my last MTB ride"

    No seriously, a little intro: 

    I'm an avid cyclist, albeit not as hard-core as I once was.  I used to do primarily tri's back in the 90's, and would MTB for fun, or as part of adventure racing segments. However, too many tri's over the years has hindered my ability to run, so I'll be biking more now.  This includes MTBing.   I'd consider myself a skilled rider, but my skills far outpace my horsepower these days, lol. (out of shape)

    Favorite trails have always been the Kettles, but lately I'm trying to expand my horizons, and find trails closer to home.

    I have a few bikes in my stable (like most long-time bikers). These include a few nicer road/time trail bikes, and an oldie-but-goodie Fischer FS MTB. I realized it was time to spring for a new MTB when I visited the Trek store a while back, and the sales guy was younger than my bike... 

    After a few weeks testing out new bikes (was lucky enough to get the chance to ride these at the Trek trails in Waterloo), I settled on a new Trek Fuel EX 9.8. It's being built right now, and I'm very excited.   

    Anyway, in addition to riding some familiar trails (Kettles & Cam Rock), I am looking forward to checking out several of the new (to me) local trails...

    1- The Pleasant Prairie trails (have skied them many times, but never MTB).

    2- Quarry Park (I drive by it every day, just never ridden it)

    3- The Farm (heard about for years, but never been hard core MTBer enough to help with the trail upkeep, etc..)

    I'm now looking forward to helping out with clearing trails, being a bigger asset to the community, etc... not just being a consumer.

    Anyway, I'm hoping this was posted in the right spot.


    Here's a stock foto of my new bike:

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    Middleton Bike Park Trail Steward

    July 05, 2016, 10:05 PM


    Assuming Pleasant Prairie = Pleasant View, there are group rides (Brewery Rides) ahead. More than a few will agree the secret to Pleasant View biking is same as skiing - Blackhawk Ski Club membership.

    Both Quarry Park and The Farm are overdue for a group ride.

    The new bike should be awesome, and there's lots of fun ahead. We have a movie event this week, and our CORPfest turned Mad City Dirt Fest and an outdoor brewery party ahead.