Bike Shops in Dane County

    Former Trail Steward - Quarry Park | Former Vice President - Operations

    January 25, 2018, 10:43 AM

    Question for all-

    If you need service which Bike shop in Dane County do you visit to get it?  And why?

    Additionally-  what service needs do you feel are not met in region (that you trust)

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    January 25, 2018, 08:40 PM

    Service? Camrock Cafe/shop or trek east side if warranty

    Parts? Machinery row has never let me down on obscure stuff and in stock parts

    Between them and tools at home I don't need much else.



    September 18, 2018, 06:15 PM

    Through all the years of my biking career in Mad Town I had more troubles with mechanics/owners with attitudes, cheating me out of the guarantee (Budget Bikes) until I went to Eriks where my most recent purchase is my Masi cyclocross bike.
    It came with a great two year free adjustment period which they honored every time I brought it in with no objections, they didn't try and sell me parts or even a whole new bike I didn't need (Again Budget Bikes) and they were always friendly and helpful. 
    I did find a cheaper chain at Revolution but they gave me attitude ("You need to change the rear sprockets because I said so and know your bike better than you,"  type of BS) however time proved them wrong when the chain adapted.
    And that is just one example.
    I  like the funky/hippie vibe but the mechanics need to leave the New York attitude to New York.
    Another one to avoid with a short tempered owner/mechanic is Old Time Cycles.
    I like supporting small business and I would more often but he is a real impatient jerk.
    Anyway, Eriks. They have never let me down.


    Renegade Rick

    September 19, 2018, 09:04 AM

    I like Erik's a lot. They have always done a good job for me. I have always had good experiences at Trek West and Jeff at Trail This is always right. Jeff sold me my favorite bike after he insisted I ride it.

    The guy at revolution may not have been a good explainer, but he was correct. You should have replaced the cassette when replacing the chain. The chain "adapting" was it wearing rapidly to match the wear present on your cassette.


    Trail Steward - Badger Prairie

    January 14, 2020, 01:12 PM

    I have had the best experiences with service at Neff Cycle Service. Isaac Neff is a skilled and knowledgeable mechanic, and I know he will charge me a fair price. The downside is that their hours are fairly limited, so I usually have to leave work to drop off or pick up my bike.

    For quicker service or parts, I usually go to Trek West because it is close to home,  is open late, and I know one of the mechanics.