What are the limitations of my MTB?

    September 18, 2018, 06:04 PM

    So I have this Giant MTB which I got about 10 years ago give or take.
    It's just a basic one with a thick frame and it has the adjustable Sun Tour front shocks.
    Recently on a group ride at Cam Rock another rider said that my bike was not designed for doing the jumps on that course.
    (Even if I had the right bike, I wouldn't even think of doing those jumps right now. My skills are still light years behind a lot of other riders I've seen.)
    Are there any suggestions for the types of jumps this bike could handle on other courses?
    For example, could I do the jump course at Pleasant View?
    Or that one rock jump I've seen at Seminole?
    Whatever suggestions I get with jumps at courses is helpful as well as any other things I can or shouldn't do with this type of bike as well as any advice for how to do any suggested jumps.
    I'd rather know ahead of time than to learn a regrettable lesson later on.
    Thank you in advance for any replies.


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    September 19, 2018, 10:48 PM

    That's a pretty good question, without a clear answer.

    The right rider can do just about anything (at least anything around here) on pretty much any bike.  There are limits to that, but it is true enough.  There are bikes that will make it easier to do some things, and bike design has come a long way in the last ten years.  Not knowing more about your bike, it is maybe not the ideal platform for learning to jump, but there are plenty folks who have learned to jump on similar bikes.  It sounds like you have a good sense of your own skill, so I wouldn't hesitate to hit any jump that you feel comfortable hitting.  Take it slow and learn the limitations of yourself and your bike, and when you have found those limits, you can decide if it is you or the bike that is holding you back.  And try other bikes if you have the opportunity.

    As far as what jumps to start on.  I'm not sure which one you mean at Seminole, there are a bunch of places to get a little air there.  Again, judge it by your comfort level; there isn't anything death-defying there, but you could certainly hurt yourself by over-shooting your skills.  At Pleasant View, the jump line is entirely rollable, and is a pretty good spot to progress from rolling it slowly to launching; the jumps are pretty tall, though , which can be unnerving.  The two jumps toward the end of Dizzy at Quarry Ridge are a good place to start; low penalty for failure, not too intimidating looking, but possible to get a good jump off of.

    Riding with others is a great way to figure out what is possible and what is realistic for you, so keep doing that when you have a chance.  Good luck, and have fun!