Bike Types and Trail Etiquette

    May 05, 2020, 04:24 PM

    Hi!  I'm interested in mountain biking.  I also do not have a ton of disposable income to buy a separate mountain bike and would like to see what it's about before committing.  I originally had plans to replace my commuter but now I'm thinking about the mountain bike scene.

    I do however have an older Kona Dew that I was considering taking on lighter trails to dip my toes in and see what's all goin' on back there.  Is this a dangerous idea to myself or others?


    Renegade Rick

    May 05, 2020, 06:09 PM

    Ride what you got and have fun! Lots of folks have front and rear suspension, but it's not a requirement. I ride a fully rigid Kona Unit which is a more hardy bike than the Dew, but it's proof that you don't need to have suspension to have fun.

    You might want to start on easier trails and work your way up (which is really good advice for everyone). Give Badger Prairie a try and then maybe try out dizzy at Quarry Ridge and Seminole next. Check out our trail guides to get some ideas where to find the green (easy) trails. Once you've got those, move up, and when you feel your bike is holding you back, that's the time to upgrade.