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    Quarry Park is Madison’s only official single track. The park is a dense network of 2+ miles of trails that have developed organically over many years. Exploring and navigating the trails in this small park used to require local knowledge but with its recent officialness the flow and continuity have dramatically improved. Much of this park’s success is due to its friendly atmosphere and mutual respect between dog walkers, hikers, neighborhood residents and cyclists. The trailhead is at the end of Barlow Street, there is a gate and kiosk/map, parking is available on the street.

    There is something for everyone, it has one of the area’s best pump tracks, which can be ridden by all skill levels, it is well protected by trees and natural terrain so it stays in great shape and it was designed to flow in both directions to keep it real. All other trails are directional, multi-use trails are cyclists counterclockwise and pedestrians clockwise, with several bypass segments to avoid potential pedestrian/cyclists collisions in areas of limited line of site. There are some cycling specific trails, which are jump lines (note one-way direction on map) with varying degrees of difficulty.

    We think it is a gem, many great people have been involved in its progression to where it is today. The singletrack is technical, lots of rocks and roots, short punchy climbs and descents. The jumps are not huge but some are technical and 100% fun. It feels like an interval workout at times when going fast and Quarry park is the perfect spot to progress your technical skills all within 2 miles from the Capitol.

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    Matt Hamann - Trail Steward

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