Quarry Park Update

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    October 20, 2016, 10:34 PM

    Good things have happened this year and still more to come.    Quarry Park is now an official trail system.   There is now an official Friends of Quarry park group that is comprised of different users and neighbors.  CORP is apart of this group.   This group helps out with the park and its future in conjunction with the Parks Department.

    To the trail update!
    The trails are now all technically multi use.  There are a few segments that are cyclist designed, which in reality means hikers could wind up on them but they are designed for riding and present conflict if hiked or ridden in wrong direction (when signs happen hiking will be discouraged).     The trails will be one way,  cyclist and hikers moving in opposing directions. 

    Outer loop is counter clockwise for riders and clockwise for hikers,  please help direct people until signs happen,  which will then explain it clearly.    The Cycling designed segments flow the way they always have.   Once Signage is installed there will be pedestrian bypass segments in areas where there is potential conflict with different users (blind rollers example).

    Signs and new trail maps we hope will happen before end of year but most likely in the spring.   There will also be 2 new Kiosks installed at the park with new maps and other info.   There is one trail segment that needs to be modified in the spring to finalize a longer term trail map.

    Over the course of next year many of the cut throughs segments will be closed and we are asking for you help to keep them closed,  many have used these over time to get from trail to trail but this will have to change.   The park needs more organized flow to help new people to the park figure it out,  its a mess now,  a fun one but change is happening.    There will be trail closed signs installed as well to help.   Please help us,  if you see someone removing brush from a segment ask them  to stop for the above reasons AND the nature lovers/walkers/neighbors are concerned about erosion and invasive species,  closing trails is one way to help.  This is a very big concern to them and we need to respect that.

    We need help like all others,  but if you live in the city and close,  there are lots of odd 1-2hr tasks to do,  we have tools there now and can meet anytime to get you into the box.

    baby steps with the City Park Department.  They have helped us tremendously,  they did not kick us out,  they did not tear anything down and they have given us some of the best building dirt we could have asked for.   Thank them and let them know you care about the park.

    Parking-  If you park on the park road, please be respectful to neighbors and their properties.   


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    October 22, 2016, 07:16 AM

    Respecting the other users here is key to the long-term success of this park, and of our cooperation with the city of Madison.

    Many of the non-cycling users of the park are close neighbors who have been going there for years and have always gotten along with the folks who ride here, but they are nervous about the increasing use of the park.  It is very important that we riders are courteous and friendly, respect the neighbors (i.e. parking, noise, etc.), and keep in mind that there could be another user (hiker, dog, unaware biker) doing something unexpected around the next bend or over the next hill.  Always scout the blind sections and call your drop when needed.  Who was right or wrong won't mean much in the event of a collision; it will be upsetting for everyone and we riders will be an easy scapegoat.

    Quarry Park is a great place to ride, and keeps getting better, but it is a very different park than any of the others in the area.  Please keep that in mind as you ride there.