COVID-19 and Riding

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    March 24, 2020, 09:21 AM

    Hey all,

    Now that trails are open, we're all anxious to get out after the long winter and being cooped up due to the requirements of our fight against the coronavirus.  When that happens there are a few common sense things we can do to keep from making the situation worse. 

    EDIT:  One way things could get worse is for the trails to get shut down.  We and some of our land managers are getting complaints about groups of riders not complying with social distancing.  Our only options are to spread the word far and wide and get everyone to voluntarily comply with best practices, or to shut the trails down to all users.  For the sake of all of our sanity, let's work hard to make it the first.  Please comply, and respectfully spread the word to those who aren't.

    • Ride well within your limits.  The last place you want to be right now is the emergency room, both for your sake and the sake of the medical system.
    • Don't organize or participate in group rides.  Best practice is to ride alone or with family members.  If you ride with others, keep a safe distance and don't share anything.
    • Keep a respectful distance from other riders.  Let people know you are passing and wait for room, and don't congregate at trailheads, intersections, etc.
    • Follow current directives.  Right now it seems that riding for physical and mental health falls under permissible activity,  but if that changes, it's best to comply.

    There are also alot of new riders and walkers discovering the trails as a way to get outside; be respectful, slow down, and give everyone room when you pass.  We're all trying to get through this as best we can.

    This is a drag, but it won't last forever, and isn't much to ask given the sacrifices people are making in other parts of their lives.  Stay well, and we'll see more of each other when things start to return to normal.

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