Trail Conditions:    maybe a touch dusty, but the jump lines are running FAST

    Updates: Check out the new wood features in the Pines Hub!

    Want to volunteer? We could use some help "de-berming" our trails (e.g., Connector). Contact us if you're able to help at:bike@blackhawkskiclub.org

    Memberships: Membership is required, and runs from April 2023-March 2024. The cost is only $45/person or $90/family. NOTE: biking/hiking is included if you already have a Full (alpine) or Limited (nordic) membership.

    Club calendar:  Calendar details are here

    For more information: Check out the Blackhawk webpage Blackhawk Mountain Biking, like us on Facebook .

    5/21/2023 4:27 PM

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