One more night of super-hardpack dirt before the snow moves in. If you want to ride skinny on dirt this might be your best shot for least I hope ;-)
Wheels roll at 6. Post ride beverages pour around 8. Some sort of post-ride food is always sorted.
Hope to see you there!

It should be another great night tonight. Perfect hardpack super-grip dirt!
Remember to save some time for Gnoshing and beverages at the CORP Garage/Beer Hall afterwards!

If your not riding tonight your missing out! Trails are perfect! Packed snow and frozen for any bike. Fat bikes are more fun but any bike can ride these conditions.
This will all change by tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future, so get it while it's good. And by good I mean it is riding awesome today.

Capital Off Road Pathfinders is asking YOU the community to help create a new design for our volunteer T-shirts. It has been a while since a refresh has happened and we figured since you wear these items your creative input would be best. By the community for the community. This design will be used for T-shirts and other items for workdays, Battle of Cam Rock and other events where CORP volunteers have a presence.

Here are the details. Simple as possible

  • A $100 gift certificate (to any CORP bicycle retail sponsor) will be awarded to the winning design and a T-shirt.
  • Must be your own drawing, artwork or creation. You must own the rights.
  • The design must have Capital Off Road Pathfinders text and must be legible. Various fonts can be used, but are subject to board approval.
  • The word VOLUNTEER is to be used, best case it is apart of the design but it can be used on its own if needed. That is on Front or Back.
  • There are no criteria for the design itself, but elements of inclusion of the larger off-road community, trail work, mountain bikes, Dane and Sauk county culture help tell our story.
  • Best is to provide an AI or EPS file. Keep design within a 9" x 9" dimension, we might resize for printing but we don't want to have to cut elements out.
  • To submit artwork for voting, email to
  • To keep things uniform for judging, designs need to be placed on a T-shirt template. See the attachment at
  • To submit artwork for voting, email to

All submissions must be submitted by March 1st, voting will end March 15th. We will be providing voting how to details later.

Brazen Dropouts Swap, 1/12

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December 27, 2018, 10:50 AM

Our friends over at Brazen Dropouts are having their annual Swap Meet on Saturday, Jan 12.  If you're looking for inexpensive or hard-to-find parts or bikes, you stand a good chance of finding it there.  And if you are tired of having a garage or basement full of bike stuff, it's a great way to find it a new home and turn it into cash (that you can spend on more bike stuff!).  Details here:

The CORP promo booth will be there, so stop by and visit.  Or, heck, volunteer to staff it:  We'll cover your entry fee and parking (though there is free bike parking, so riding to the event is like donating to CORP), and we'll have room for you to display a few items to sell if you've got them (not alot of room, though; you'll have to get your own table if you're cleaning out the garage).  It's an easy gig, just sharing information about the trails and encouraging folks to both get out and ride, and support us.

As the end of the year approaches, many of us are reflecting on 2018.  How much did mountain biking contribute to your physical and mental well-being?  Maybe you cleaned a section you'd never cleaned before, or raced for the first time, or worked off a day's stress in the fresh air and woods.  Maybe you just had a great time with friends and family.  As you reflect, remember that CORP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and we have almost no administrative costs, meaning nearly 100% of you tax-deductible donation goes toward improving local off road riding.  Please consider CORP as a part of your year-end giving.

We'll see you out there in 2019!


This Saturday Morning - Go Ride

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Renegade Rick
December 20, 2018, 09:07 AM

The weather looks favorable for a ride this Saturday morning. Get up early, go ride and then get on with your day!

The earlier the better! Plan to call it quits when the trails get soft. When this happens depends on where you are. Somewhere between 8 and 10 am the trails will get soft and your family will start missing you. Go home and give them a big hug.

Freeze/Thaw Explained

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December 16, 2018, 10:01 PM

Throughout the winter, and especially in the early spring and late fall,  you’ll often see Freeze/Thaw in the trail conditions.   When the temperature is dropping at night, but near or above freezing during the day, the trails can be fabulous, or terrible, so please keep the following in mind.  Try to get out early in the day (as in, first thing) or stick to north facing slopes, and you’ll be rewarded with trails that are fast, grippy, and fun.  As soon as they start to thaw, which can happen well below freezing on a south-facing slope, they turn into a particularly soupy form of mud.  When our local clay soil freezes, the water expands; when it thaws again, and the water contracts, the soil has been aerated, holds more water, and is less cohesive.  When it gets ridden through, the tires push this soft mud to the sides of the trail, where it freezes again, thaws the next day, and gets pushed further to the side with deeper ruts.  After a few cycles of this, the trail is permanently cupped, holds water all the time, and erodes more with every storm, until it is unrideable, or someone spends valuable time repairing it.  So please, ride the frozen trails and avoid anywhere you are leaving a rut.  Your trail volunteers and fellow riders will thank you!


Thinking of getting a fat bike - which trails in which parks are either groomed or biked enough to be suitable for fat biking in winter?   I know there are some at BlackHawk - how about Quarry Ridge or Pleasant View?  Anyone have a used fattie about 20" for sale or for test trial?

My wife and I rented fat bikes at Machinery Row before we bought a second fat bike from from them. The area has lots of great shops but that shop, Motorless Motion and Budget are same company, CORP sponsors and we've had good experiences with those shops whether it's product or service. Farley 5 is what we rented from them. It stood out as being as nice when it was snowy as it was for general riding.
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