I bought mine at REI for $10.

It fits into its own little pouch and I can keep it in my hydration pack in case I have an issue on the trail.

Any suggestions on where to get the mosquito net from?

I don't think the Coughlan's mosquito head net has changed in 40-50 years and they're available all over but I tend to buy items from our sponsors and supporters. REI and Amazon Smile are supporters so I'd look there first. We've received approximately $20,000 in grants from REI in my years of involvement. Those who've chosen CORP in the Amazon Smile system help us get a small revenue stream.

Any suggestions on where to get the mosquito net from?

I did a scythe season @ Pleasant View to knock down 4 spots with wild parsnip and poison ivy but ran out of time just before the prairie area. The berm and curve climb up to that has some but not as bad as the areas cut back. It would be nice if someone could get that next patch of wild parsnip where I ran out of time.

We have high quality scythes at Blue Mound and Pleasant View. They can be very effective tools and they're easy to transport. You need a wrench to put the blade on. Please know those blades are $95 and require care. Be very careful about using them around rocks.

Each season I'm seeing more and more of the wild parsnip at S. WI trail systems. Make sure you know what it looks like and help cut it back from trail edge so an unknowing rider is spared misery.

Some of us have our uniforms and theories on how to dress for this whether it's the bugs or the bad weeds. I wear long pants, long sleeves and wash the stuff separately. In addition I wear a mosquito net and wear a face guard when I use a string trimmer. If a string trimmer hits a bunch of poison ivy or wild parsnip that spray can make you really unhappy after the fact.

I hope that didn't scare anyone and hope we can get some more new people doing this.

Lost keys- Blackhawk

in Blackhawk
July 10, 2018, 04:57 PM

Thought I’d try out the trails-nice trails but I was lost a few times.  Speaking of lost I lost my keys somewhere on trails.    If there is any one at BH I might let know in case someone finds them.

The Blackhawk Ski School and CORP get requests for adult and private MTB lessons in our area. Blackhawk's ski school will compensate bike instructors same as they do private ski lesson instructors. Please respond to bike at blackhawkskiclub.org if you are interested in teaching MTB skills outside of the twice a week kids lesson schedule.

Thank you.

Thanks! At the current moment I don't have a preference on the trail I'd like to help out at. I would like to keep it at the Madison area or Cambridge could work too.

Welcome to the scene, we're glad you're here!
Do you have a preference to which trail you would like to help out at?

Hi, I'm kinda new to the whole scene and am located on the east side of Madison but would like to give some time for maintenance of the trails. The best times for me right now are weekday evenings after work. If you could please let me know where I can specifically help out that would be great.

Re: Trimming

in Pleasant View
July 06, 2018, 07:48 AM

The city hit the pump track and I think some of the prairie, unless you hit the far prairie, Lucas.  Everything in the first woods area (jump line, elevated features, etc.) still needs some love, but otherwise in not terrible shape.
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