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Blue Mound Public Meeting and Input

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Gary S
November 14, 2019, 12:36 PM

Reminders: The WI DNR is hosting a public input meeting on Tuesday, November 19 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Mount Horeb High School.  Please consider attending in support of mountain biking at Blue Mound State Park!  Check the DNR web portal for more information.

Also, through Dec 2, the DNR is taking input on the plan alternatives that are now available for public review. Links to these are provided in the web portal, and also below for your convenience.

There is some confusion regarding the mountain bike Alternative 1 plan.  The map provided in the plan does not include two trail segments that were recommended by CORP and informally accepted by the DNR, and the increase in total mileage is not reflected with these omissions. On the interactive map, there is also a trail alignment to the north of the Friends shelter (just east of John Minix trail) that was not part of our original submission.

If you have already submitted input, don't worry... you can submit additional comments, but if you don't, it's expected that the omitted alignments will be part of the Draft Master Plan, which is the next step, and there will be another opportunity for input then.  Stay tuned!

In addition to CORP's original proposal, you can now review the modified proposals for both Gneiss/Holy Schist and Pokerville, which were submitted to address some concerns.

Thanks again for your support, and we'll see you on Tuesday!


Blue Mound State Park Master Planning portal:
Online public input form (interactive, desktop):
Online public input form (mobile-friendly):

Facebook event:

CORP Original Proposal:
CORP Modified Proposal - Gneiss/Holy Schist:
CORP Modified Proposal - Pokerville:

The  CORP Annual Meeting  is fast approaching, and that means the coveted Volunteer of the Year Award needs a person to go with it.  Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond in 2019?  Send his or her or their name to along with a couple sentences indicating why you think they are deserving, and we'll get a poll out in a couple weeks.  We've got an amazing trophy along with some other valuable prizes for the winner.

A couple ground rules; current board members are not eligible.  We've never had someone win a second time, though we're not sure if that's because it's not allowed or because it just hasn't happened.

A few past winners, for inspiration:  Walt Hougas, Dave Reece, Josh Henry, Jeff Bartels, Mike Schrader, Pat Remington, and Ron Knutowski.  That's good company; many miles of trails and cool features have been crafted but those fellows.  Who deserves to join their ranks?

Winter membership.

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November 10, 2019, 02:50 PM

Please remember to purchase a winter bike or all-year ski membership if you are still riding at Blackhawk. November 1 was the transition date.

If anyone would like to get together with me sometime to clean up this trail please let me know. I'd mostly like to trim back all the branches and clean up the garbage but I'd be up for other ideas.

I was out on this trail trimming back branches and picking up garbage today. It was brought to my attention that someone is digging deep holes right next to the trail. The local walkers are not happy about this as it is a hazard. Please do not make leg-breaking traps next to the trail. Even if cyclists don't see it as dangerous other users like walkers and trail runners do.

Also, do not leave your shovel next to the trail. I grabbed the shovel because it was going to be considered "littering" by someone else and tossed. If you want it back reply here or PM me and I will get it back to you.

The use of these trails is not guaranteed and it might only take one complaint or injury for mountain biking on these trails to get shut down.

Re: Blue Mound SP Master Plan FAQs

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Gary S
November 10, 2019, 12:33 AM

Thanks Walt & Gary for all the work so far!  Has there been any conversation in any meetings about the likeliness of future MTB trails in possible BMSP expansion zones aside from connector to Brigham? I'm sure if so it would be years out yet, but just curious if that was even discussed.

Very little at this point, but that would be a really good thing to mention in your comments, if you want to see the trail system expanded!  We did tell the DNR we are interested. Much of the expansion areas would be in really good terrain.

Re: Blue Mound SP Master Plan FAQs

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Ryan E.
November 09, 2019, 11:40 AM

Thanks Walt & Gary for all the work so far!  Has there been any conversation in any meetings about the likeliness of future MTB trails in possible BMSP expansion zones aside from connector to Brigham? I'm sure if so it would be years out yet, but just curious if that was even discussed.

We need YOU to submit comments to the WI DNR in support of CORP's mountain bike trail proposal, and help spread the word!

The CORP Trail Stewards of Blue Mound SP have been working on plans to improve the mountain bike trail system and submit them to the WI DNR Master Plan team.  The proposal includes several critical realignments and new trail segments.  We are planning to utilize modern machine trail-building techniques to make the trails more sustainable, open more often, and more fun for ALL riders.  CORP is happy to report that the proposal was largely accepted by the DNR planning team, and there is also interest in acquiring land adjacent to the park that could more than double its size and provide opportunities for the future expansion of the trail system.

The DNR recently published the Nov 2019 Planning Update which includes Management Alternatives [PDF] for the property, public input forms (desktop and mobile-friendly), and scheduled a public meeting for Tuesday, November 19, 2019 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Mount Horeb High School.

Again, we need you to provide input to the DNR in support of the proposal that CORP submitted! This is listed as Alternative 1 under the mountain bike section.

The deadline for comments on the management alternatives is Dec 2.  Every submission counts, so please  Share this with friends and family.  Thanks!


  • You can review the original proposal [PDF] that was submitted to the DNR in June, which has since evolved as CORP and the DNR have been collaborating.
  • Several members noticed that the "3 additional miles" mentioned in the DNR's management alternatives doesn't add up.  We noticed this too and are awaiting an official answer from the DNR on what is likely a technicality. There are a couple trail segments missing that we hope will be restored for the Draft Master Plan (Pokerville return on the SE side, and the bailout for Gneiss onto John Minix trail). Regardless, to be on the safe side please make a note of this in your submitted comments.
  • The Master Plan FAQs will be updated as we get more questions from you and get more information about the planning process.

Re: Studs Needed??

in Fatbike Forum
November 07, 2019, 05:37 PM

I'd also like to point out the importance of helping the groomers. There are some times in the snow season where everyone would have more and better riding if they joined the grooming efforts. You should consider snow shoes as one of the must do fat bike purchases.

Well, I have no idea how to help with that, but I'm certainly open to doing so! (Adding snow shoes to the list)

Are "grooming days" posted here? Or where would I get the info needed?


Thank you for the interest!

After a snowfall we pack the soft snow with snowshoes and in some cases grooming machines. It's pretty much a given after each snow. Some of us communicate the grooming status on the trail conditions page - individual trail conditions. Some who get out on snowshoes post their reply in the forums. You can always contact the trail stewards via the individual trail info spots here and forums.

Thank you again.
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