Re: Rock garden on green loop?

in Quarry Ridge
September 19, 2020, 06:57 PM

Options are challenging to design, to keep both options viable and prevent it from becoming one huge, wide trail.  I have been traveling, so haven't had a chance to look, but I'll get out, and have let Trail Steward Mike know it's something to consider.

Definitely keep commenting, it's good feedback, and I'd like to see more discussion here about what's going on, big and small.  Eventually we'll get you out to help implement things.  And you correctly point out that it is easy for advanced riders to forget what it was like to be a beginner.

I haven’t got much feedback on getting together for some trail work, so I may not make it out there until a little later.  I must have just missed you yesterday  Justin,  I was Able to get the rest of the downed tree off the trail in the central area As well as another downed tree on the newer section Of the trail.  I weed whipped the new trails Along the north-East of the area, but didn’t get the entirety of it.

I’ll update here on any work I get done as I’m sure others will too.

Dialing in new suspension

in Bikes and Gear
September 18, 2020, 01:32 PM

How tricky is it to dial in suspension? I got my first full-squish this summer (2021 Polygon Siskiu N9) and I love the way it rides, and the suspension feels amazing except for one thing. I feel like the suspension was tuned for someone about 40-50 pounds lighter than me (I'm a relatively big guy, well over 200 lbs). I couldn't tell you the % sag off the top of my head, but when I hit larger jumps or drops I have to flip my rear lockout to the middle setting (it's a 3-click lockout dial) to avoid bottoming out (which should not be an issue with 160mm of travel F+R lol), plus more annoyingly, pedal strikes have become a much more common issue from riding low.

I currently have no practical knowledge of how to tune suspension except for very basic knowledge of rebound speed adjustment. Does this sound like something remediable, or should I just get used to always riding with my rear suspension half-way locked out?

Thanks for organizing the trail work on the 19th. Unfortunately I can't make it but I had some free time and I haven't contributed in a long time so I did a little work out there this morning. The trails looked good and there were very few mosquitoes. A few notes:

  • I cut down the branch across the blacktop trail and moved it out of the way.
  • I cut down the big branch across the trail in the middle of the park. When someone stronger or a group is there they can drag it off the path.
  • There was another tree down across the new trail near the national guard fence. I didn't cut this one up because I was out of time.
  • If someone wants to do some cutting there is a small yellow bow saw that is always at the park. I last saw it hanging from a tree near the bmx style trail area.
  • Of the trails I walked, the old trails just seemed like they needed a few branches trimmed with a loppers. The trails from this year are overgrown already and will need more work.
  • If someone could bring a garbage bag there is broken glass on the trail next to the baseball fields. Otherwise not much garbage.
  • There is a bicycle parking sign and post next to the trail. I can't help but assume this is stolen. This makes us look bad. If it is stolen and the person who put it there is reading this please put the sign back where you found it.

If you go to the events link here you get the calendar info and those events are in social media too
Maybe I'm missing something, but I see no work days on the events page?

Nor / Redstrong - Can you send me the details about the Xplains work? I have never actually gotten to those trails yet so I think it'd be a fun way to get familiar
Hey corkr,
I just got a response from the steward.
Someone else finished it.
But he says they plan to have a work day this fall and will post dates and times here on the forum and on their FB page.

Redstrong, it's no trouble asking people to do anything, getting them to do it is a whole other issue.  Know that it's a known problem, and we're working on it.

I dunno how desperate ya all might be at keeping volunteers and finding new members.
Here are a couple ideas to run by ya:

Have you guys and gals thought of incentives?
I see that you have giveaways.
Can you do something similar for volunteers and donors?
Maybe like a 10% off coupon for a one time purchase at a bike store for someone who volunteers X amount of times that could be logged.

I dunno if they still do it but organizations would give you things based the size of your donation.
$10 would get you a tote bag.
$25 a T-shirt
Etc etc.
Is Corp able to do something similar if you are not already?

Earlier we discussed a trade off of coaching help for riding on obstacles.
I think it would be great if you did that.

Once someone volunteers are they put on a list then contacted for an upcoming work date?
Or why not send out an email to everyone here on the forum and members with the place and times listed?
You could ask folks to be put on a list and if it's OK to contact them with that info.

I understand that everyone is going to have different schedules and priorities come up and there is also the weather, like last week,(9/6-12/20)  that kept us off the trails.
So do you be informal and flexible such as, "Let us know when you can help," or set something up with dates and times or find a balance between the two?
I get the sense that you don't want to be too pushy and you also don't want to be too flaky. Something in between I guess. 

Re: Rock garden on green loop?

in Quarry Ridge
September 16, 2020, 10:26 AM

I'd have to look to say it is or isn't physically feasible
I stopped for a closer look yesterday and it looks like it'd be feasible to have an easier option on the right side of the existing trail without any loopy routing. Maybe if there's some flat rocks available, it could be armored to make it still challenging for new riders while at least eliminating the factor of pedal strikes.

In any case, I'm just throwing out ideas to chew on. I've been riding with newer riders recently and the biggest recurring comment I've heard and seen is that when there are zero trails someone can finish a complete loop of, it's very confidence-breaking to feel like you can't even finish that first step of entering the sport (especially after multiple months of riding). It has reminded me just how easy it is for advanced/expert riders forget about some factors that affect new riders and how important it is to close up gaps in the progression curve.

P.S. - I know I've been stirring the pot a lot lately and may have reached the point of being a nuisance by now, and I apologize if that's the case. I'm just trying to find out what turns up since current and future plans aren't super transparent (except for high-profile projects like the planned pump track)

Membership FYI or reminder.

in Blackhawk
September 15, 2020, 02:05 PM

Your summer only membership is good through fall.

If you are an existing year-round member now is the time to renew. Existing year-round members can sign up two weeks earlier to have the best chance at class and program schedules.  New year-round membership starts 9/28. You can get sign up help from the link below.

Please respect the membership requirement. Your membership is required for the private land easement next door.

If you go to the events link here you get the calendar info and those events are in social media too
Maybe I'm missing something, but I see no work days on the events page?

Nor / Redstrong - Can you send me the details about the Xplains work? I have never actually gotten to those trails yet so I think it'd be a fun way to get familiar

There might not be official events at the moment but they are posted. I believe others have said how it is challenging to have events now, and as volunteers we have limited time but we do our best.

Randy and I worked at Pleasant View yesterday but it was a challenge for both of us to set a time. I was afraid to make a public post for people new to this when I had no idea I could reliably meet at a particular time.

Please trust me that I do my  best to meet people interested in working.

If anyone is interested in meeting up Saturday the 19th around 11am to do some trail work, let me know.  I have a bow saw, loppers and a weed whip.  also I will try to gather some people or at least their tools if we can get a few of us out there.  It would be a good chance to meet up, exchange numbers and maybe talk about teaming up to make the trails legit.  Also, having a group text in addition to posting here maybe a more effective way to get stuff going and get stuff done.

I will try to scout out Downed trees that Redstrong has mentioned and see if a bow saw would do the trick.  I know someone from the community that has  an electric chainsaw that we could potentially get out there if thats what it takes.

Saturday looks like it will be a nice cool day so hopefully the mosquito's will stay away.  If another day or time works for others feel free to suggest something.

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