Trail Conditions Legend

    Trails are in excellent shape and unusually fun to ride. This is as good as it gets!

    Trails open, but unusual hazards exist. These hazards are such that an average rider will need to dismount or slow considerably to avoid, but the majority of the trail is in good condition. Examples are trees down, bridges out, considerable erosion. Also used when trails are partially dry after rain, and there are still numerous wet/slick spots, such that an average rider should be proceeding with caution on the bulk of the trail, but will not be damaging the trail.

    Trails are closed, no one should be riding.

    Marginal conditions at best. Some portion of the trails are closed, and some trails are OK to use with caution and good judgment.

    Coming Soon
    Trails are not yet under construction but are expected to be soon.

    Ride when frozen; 28F or below, lower at midday, especially in sunny areas. The ground is freezing at night and thawing during the day. Conditions change too quickly to post open and closed. Please use good judgment.

    Fresh/Loose Snow
    Freshly fallen or unpacked snow. Ride when frozen. Getting out on snowshoes to help pack down the snow might be more fun than riding.

    Icy. Studded tires recommended. Ride when frozen.

    No Report
    No current report available.

    Trails open. There may be occasional slick spots, tall weeds, rocks, or other unexpected but typical hazards present that an average rider can reasonably navigate. Mountain biking is full of these sorts of things, it's part of the fun.

    Packed Snow
    Packed Snow. Best for fat biking. Machine groomed or rider/snowshoe packed. Ride when frozen.

    Partially Open
    Some portion of the trails are closed. Other parts are open and in generally good condition.

    Under Construction
    Trails are under construction, and may be closed to riding. Please use caution and good judgment.

    Trail conditions may vary throughout the day and throughout the trail system. Please use caution and good judgment. Be sure to review the comments for additional info.