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    This 5 mile-long trail is chock full of roots, rocks, steep climbs (total elevation gain of ~1,000 feet), and is simply an awesome old-school romp through the woods. No berms. Area 25.5 is divided into two sections, North Loop and South Loop, which are joined by the Connector Trail. Parking is on the left (east) side of Barlow Rd, about 3/4 miles north of Mineral Point Rd. The main trailhead is on the west side of Barlow Rd.

    The trail descends moderately and climbs back up almost to the start. The fun begins NOW as you descend the Bobsled Run. Many turns, rocks, large trees, and other challenges await. At the bottom get ready to climb hard. After that first hard climb you will have two more before reaching the Connector Trail. The three ups are punctuated by fun, fast technical downs.

    You have two options once you reach the Connector Trail at the top of the hill. Option 1 is to bear left to finish the North Loop where you will soon be headed back down, and up and down (etc.) and finally back to Barlow Rd.

    Option 2 is to bear right and take the Connector Trail to the South Loop. Head up to the field and once in the grass pedal around the small basin and up and over the big hill between the ag fields. Bomb down the other side of the corn-divide, bank right at the sign, and head to the woods and the South Loop.

    From the South Loop trailhead, descend the valley, bank left and enjoy the relative flat of the sandy bottomland. Once you start ascending you will do so until you are having a hard time breathing. After that comes some great technical single track (again, up and down) and eventually you top out back where you entered the south woods. Go back up and over the Connector Trail and finish the North Loop as described above (Option 1).

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    Mike Hankard - Trail Steward
    Greg Haack - Trail Steward

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