Trail Crew Volunteers - 2017

    Gary S

    June 25, 2014, 04:55 PM

    The trails do not take care of themselves:  we're ALWAYS looking for volunteers.  If you can find even just 2-4 hours to help, please send Walter or me a personal message, reply in this thread, or email us at bluemoundstewards@madcitydirt.com.


    Trimming: This is currently underway, but so far the overgrowth isn't too bad.  Parts of Holy Schist and much of Pokerville could use a trim. Ear protection of some kind is REQUIRED!  Simple disposable ear plugs will suffice.  Generally only 2-3 hours is required, minimum. We have a string trimmer and pole trimmer available.

    Holy Schist improvements: This year (2017) things are still on hold with regard to professionally rebuilding trail.  We are doing some manual work, continuing backwards on Holy Schist, to reroute around flatter areas that stay muddy longer.  If you've ridden Holy Schist, you may have seen it.  Walt and Gary will be working on this over the summer.


    In case the current priorities won't work for you right now, the list below provides some insight into what is needed every year.

    • Yearlong: clearing deadfall, picking up smaller branches, sticks and debris by hand
    • Spring: erosion control (putting in erosion-prevention features), leaf/debris blowing (with a backpack leafblower
    • Summer: weed trimming (string or hedge trimmer), pruning corridor
    • Fall: leaf blowing (backpack leaf blower)
    • Winter: show-shoeing (and riding!) to groom fat bike trails
    Please note that deadfall can be cleared with a handsaw or by dragging it off the trail by anyone, but chain saw work requires taking a DNR-approved safety training class.  Currently, only Walter and I are the only CORP members approved to operate a chain saw on state property.


    Even if you can't find the time to formally come out and help, if you use the CORP multi-use trails (mountain biking, trail running, snow shoeing, hiking, etc.) there are still easy ways you can help:

    • Clear small obstacles as you ride/run/hike.  Often the stuff that falls on the trails is easy for one person to move by hand.  This work really adds up if everyone pitches in a little!
    • Report obstacles that you cannot remove by hand, such as fallen trees.  Please give as much detail as possible with respect to the nature and location of the obstacle so we can route the appropriate resources to it.

    Thank you!

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    Gary S

    June 10, 2017, 09:02 PM

    I've updated the original post for those following this thread.  If you aren't, and want to stay in the loop, click the "NOTIFY" button at the bottom of this thread. We also send email updates via our volunteer Google Group.  Please contact us if you can help!

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