Fresh/Loose Snow:

Trail Conditions:  
Fresh snow overnight. Lots of it. Get out and enjoy, but be aware that the ground may be soft underneath. If you're bringing up mud from underneath the snow, it's time to end your ride.

Reminder: Ground needs a few hours below 28 to freeze. Dirt will turn to mud below 32  if there is sun. Outside temperature is not the only factor.

Please don't ride if you are leaving ruts.

Freeze/Thaw conditions -  ride when solid and below 30 as a guideline. Please educate riders who might not know.  

Use good judgment as the temps rise. Go early or late if temps are below freezing.

Please be aware of and respect this being freeze/thaw season. Please educate riders who might not know short moments of their fun at the wrong time will create a whole lot of trail maintenance and work matters:  Read more here  

Trail Updates:  Please do not ride on man-made snow, and watch for trail closures and changes.

 Memberships: The Club is using a new software system for memberships. For biking/hiking for April 2023-March 2024 they are $45/person or $90/family. NOTE: biking/hiking is included if you already have a Full (alpine) or Limited (nordic) membership.

Club calendar:  Calendar details are here

For more information: Check out the Blackhawk webpage Blackhawk Mountain Biking, like us on Facebook  or Email with questions or comments.

Renegade Rick
3/25/2023 7:54 AM

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