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    Cannonball Singletrack at Aldo Leopold Park has a total of 1.2 miles of trail consisting of three trail types and a paved pump track and skills loop. The singletrack runs parallel to the paved Cannonball path from Post rd to the Hwy 151 pedestrian overpass. There are multiple access points along the route and the trail connects to the paved pump track at Aldo Leopold Park.

    The loop is comprised of the chip seal trail, paved pump track, and paved skills loop can be ridden during all weather conditions and is a great option to work on skills while other trail systems are closed.

    Trail types and distances are:
    • 0.20 miles: Limestone Capped “Post Rd Extension”
    • 0.60 miles: Chip seal trail with technical trail features “Shred to School”
    • 0.40 miles: Natural Surface “Rail Line Oaks”
    • Pump Track at Aldo Leopold Park - paved

    All trail can be considered easy or moderate difficulty. All technical trail features such as jumps and rock gardens can be easily ridden around or rolled.

    Users can park on the street on Post Rd near Leopold Elementary or on Traceway Drive by Aldo Leopold Park. The best way to access the trails are from the paved Cannonball bike path.

    Trail Conditions:
    • Shred to School (Chip Seal): Always open, can be ridden when wet.
    • Post Rd Extension: Ride only when not leaving ruts. Often ridable after light rain events.
    • Rail Line Oaks: Ride only when dry. Trail is closed when wet or soft.
    • Pump Track and Skills Loop: Always open during park hours.

    Parts of the trail are one way, watch for directional arrows and use caution on two way portions of trail and near all intersections.

    Questions or Concerns?
    Corey Stelljes- Madison Parks- Trail Steward

    To Report Damage or Trail Hazard:
    Madison Parks
    (608) 235-0448

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