March is the Cruelest Month

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    March 04, 2024, 10:03 PM

    With the nice warm weather we've been having, everyone's thoughts are turning to single track. But the weather can be cruel; it takes a surprisingly long time for the warmth to penetrate and dry out the ground, especially on north facing slopes.  There are many places where there is still snow.  A few things to think about:

    • We want to go ride.
    • We want you to be able to go ride.
    • We want you to have a good time when you go ride, not slog through axle deep mud.
    • Trails with southern or neutral exposures, thin soil cover, or sandy soil will be the first to open.  Quarry Park has already opened, and the Dam Trails and Quarry Ridge shouldn't be far behind.  Blackhawk, Middleton, and Blue Mound might be a bit.
    • Rain is as helpful, if not more helpful, than sunny warm days.  It does a better job of penetrating deep woods and shady slopes.  Once the frost is out, the warm windy days can do their work of drying things out.
    • Pump tracks!

    It's a hard time to be a mountain biker, but we'll get through it together!  Keep an eye on the trail conditions, we'll get you out there as soon as we can.