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Blue Mounds, WI - Weather

Fresh/Loose Snow
Gneiss, Schist, and Overload have all been snowshoed. Will need a day to set up, but will be sweet riding when it does.

Hikers and trail runners: When possible please stay to the side of the trail to avoid creating "post holes" on the tread surface that negatively affect the experience for other trail users when the snow thaws and refreezes into place. Over Lode is a great option for hikers in the winter. Thanks!

Consider the trails closed if temps go above 32°F, or 29°F in sunlight, or as conditions warrant. Check the weather before you head out, and make a backup plan.

Help by keeping the trails clear of sticks and loose rocks, and reporting obstacles and other issues. Please carry out anything you carry in. Pets must stay on-leash, and their waste leaves with their owner. Check the WDNR website and follow all WDNR guidelines.

1/23/2022 9:58 PM

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These trail conditions are updated by humans who care, and are subject to change at any time. ALWAYS use good judgment when using the trails, and don't ride if you are leaving ruts.

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