Blue Mound
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Weather in Blue Mounds, WI

Fresh/Loose Snow
The Groomer is in the shop, so we are the groomer. Blue Mound is perfect for snowshoeing right now, gather up some friends and help pack it. We need to get snowshoes out to pack and erase the walkers damage. All of these times are at a brisk pace and assume no need to route find. Gneiss is 90 minute, Holy Schist is just over 2 hours. Both of these require starting or ending next to the ski trail or do the complete combo and its a strenuous and rewarding 3 hour + trail head to trail head hike. Ride ONLY when frozen. Please don't use the trails during thaws, generally anytime the temp goes above 28F, or lower mid-day.

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1/25/2020 11:29 AM


These trail conditions are updated by humans who care, and are subject to change at any time. ALWAYS use good judgment when using the trails, and don't ride if you are leaving ruts.

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