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    Ride when frozen. Stop if you’re leaving a rut. Best time to ride: sunset to sunrise (yes, when it’s dark). Worst time: Sunrise to early afternoon

    Trailhead move is complete, more details here.

    It is freeze/thaw season so drying up will be slow and tricky. Please know the new trail work will be especially prone to damage but you can ride the pump track and firm trail sections. Best results early in the morning when still frozen or late in the afternoon if there has been some drying out. Use good judgement if you are finding more than a few muddy spots.

    The Erdman Ski Trail, that connects Blackhawk to the Pleasant View/Middleton Bike Park will be CLOSED during this year's nine-day gun deer season, that runs from Saturday November 18th to Sunday November 26. For your own safety, please respect this long-standing agreement with the Erdman family. The pump track is open! There are those who would have liked to keep it closed until the surrounding grass comes in (i.e. next spring); CORP worked hard to convince those people that we could use the track without disturbing the freshly seeded grass. So please stay off the grass; failure to do so could result in the track being closed again. So enjoy, look for a grand opening in the spring, and stay off the grass!

    Most of the leaves have fallen. Most trails could use another pass with a leaf blower. If you're interested in some gratifyingly quick trail work, contact Jon or William

    The trailhead is moving to the west end of the parking lot; it's a slow process for many reasons, but the trails are open and could use some wheels. This also eliminates a bit more two-way trail. More info here.

    Renegade Rick
    11/24/2023 7:52 AM

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    These trail conditions are updated by humans who care, and are subject to change at any time. ALWAYS use good judgment when using the trails, and don't ride if you are leaving ruts.

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