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Trails: There's a fair bit of moisture in the soil, probably only rideable when frozen. Watch the temps, and stay out of the mud.

PV/BH connector is closed for deer hunting season, 11/20-11/28, please stay off.

New Trails! The new trail is officially open. It starts at the bottom of slice with a challenging switchback climb. It then continues through the western woods and comes out back at the Prairie. Please note that the addition of this new trail has resulted in a portion of Fairway (immediately after entering the western woods) to become one-way west bound. Those trying to return to the trail head can either take the new trail starting with the climb, or you can hop on it half way through in the western woods. There are signs out marking the route, so please keep an eye out. Maps and discussion here.

Want to help bring the pump track back to Pleasant View? Here's information on how you can help!

11/20/2021 8:14 AM

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